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Lore Wilde Has One Twisted Foot

Some days are better than others.  Last night was an example of the kind that you’re just glad to be alive the next day.  Yesterday had started well; I managed to get several thousand words written on a tale that I have created.  Made some deliche pineapple burgers on the grill.  The weather was gorgeous so I burned a few calories on the elliptical that sits on my front porch.  I drank a couple of shots, and was at that stage where I had convinced myself that all was right with the world.  Laughing, singing, listening to some music with my little girl.  Then we sat to watch a movie, and my foot decided to fall asleep.  I was blissfully unaware of this until I decided to stand.

My foot twisted to the right, and I toppled unceremoniously over the coffee table, landing with a groan on the floor.  I managed to sprain my foot and bang up my knee.  I am supposed to have a very busy weekend, and now I am left wondering how I will be able to get anything done. 

I am having such a string of rotten luck for the past few months.  I would lament to God, but I don’t consider it proper to beg for a reprieve given that I was drinking at the time.  I think I’ll do something really nice for a stranger today, and see if that helps to turn my luck around.  Maybe I’ll even bake cookies or a cake for my neighbors.  What’cha think?


About Lore Wilde

Writer of horror and flash fiction, student, fast pitch softball mom. Lover of the internet and the gym (strange combo). Always on Spotify jamming out, on a nature trail, in the water, on a trip, cooking, writing, at a live concert, exercising, yoga, meditiating. Prone to sarcastic rants, telling ghost stories, bitching about money or having perpetual fun. Interested in hanging out with creative, kewl people with stories to share. I adore writers...professional, published, or "just for fun". I read a lot, write a lot, and type faster than Hell burns.

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