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Exercising In The Dark

Well, who knew?  Not me, that’s for sure.

My family bought me a used elliptical machine for mom’s day.  I’ve spent the last year or so visiting my local YMCA to use their elliptical and weight machines, pool and racquetball courts.  It’s been great for me in a lot of ways but I have lost very little weight.  Granted, I don’t work at out as hard as I should.  Even though I rarely socialize there, preferring to strap on my hot pink SkullCandys and crank up the iPod to actually making friends, I still try hard not to grunt or pant or any of those things that draw the eye.  Well, except the tank tops.  I confess to wearing tanks that show off the “girls”.

I was ecstatic with my new elliptical machine.  It’s too bulky for the house so we positioned it on the front porch, as far from prying eyes as possible.  I’ve been experimenting with it…what times of day are optimal for me and the like.  Tonight I had a breakthrough.  After a busy day, I barely made it out at dusk with my iPod and water bottle.  But there I was 40 minutes later, jamming out and grunting, pushing myself harder than I ever had.  I was singing and making faces, enjoying the dripping sweat and feeling pretty damn good about myself.

I think dusk to dark must be my optimal exercise time.  Of course it is; I’m a damned horror writer.  The dark is part of me.  I really should’ve known…



About Lore Wilde

Writer of horror and flash fiction, student, fast pitch softball mom. Lover of the internet and the gym (strange combo). Always on Spotify jamming out, on a nature trail, in the water, on a trip, cooking, writing, at a live concert, exercising, yoga, meditiating. Prone to sarcastic rants, telling ghost stories, bitching about money or having perpetual fun. Interested in hanging out with creative, kewl people with stories to share. I adore writers...professional, published, or "just for fun". I read a lot, write a lot, and type faster than Hell burns.

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