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Unholy Mother of Forgotten Blogs, Batman!


Was looking online at a few things and lo-n-behold.  Lookie there!  My ancient, forgotten blog.  Since I am in the midst of another NaNoWriMo novel, I suppose this is as good a place as any to resurrect and to chronicle the madness. But alas, I am tired and frazzled and worn thin as a sheet of notebook paper so for now I shall consume coffee and try to regurgitate a few more sentences before utter collapse into a pool of my own brain leakage.



About Lore Wilde

Writer of horror and flash fiction, student, fast pitch softball mom. Lover of the internet and the gym (strange combo). Always on Spotify jamming out, on a nature trail, in the water, on a trip, cooking, writing, at a live concert, exercising, yoga, meditiating. Prone to sarcastic rants, telling ghost stories, bitching about money or having perpetual fun. Interested in hanging out with creative, kewl people with stories to share. I adore writers...professional, published, or "just for fun". I read a lot, write a lot, and type faster than Hell burns.

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