Crappy Dialogue


NaNoFail of the Day~ My crappy, robotic dialogue between the priests in my post apocalyptic novel.  Only slightly bested by my complete ignorance of Catholicism.  Who’s idea was it to hole up my protagonist in a cathedral anyway?  Oh yeah!  I remember!  My dumb ass.  Well, 1st drafts always suck so I suppose I am on par for the course.


Unholy Mother of Forgotten Blogs, Batman!


Was looking online at a few things and lo-n-behold.  Lookie there!  My ancient, forgotten blog.  Since I am in the midst of another NaNoWriMo novel, I suppose this is as good a place as any to resurrect and to chronicle the madness. But alas, I am tired and frazzled and worn thin as a sheet of notebook paper so for now I shall consume coffee and try to regurgitate a few more sentences before utter collapse into a pool of my own brain leakage.